Johan Lievens

Brugge 1 januari 1940
Poet, sculptor, painter

Studied history of art at the University of Ghent.
Became assistant there at the Seminar of Visual Arts in Europe and Contemporary Art of Prof. Dr. De Maeyer, from 1968 until 1973.

Started to work as a sculptor, mainly with marble and wood;
as a painter mainly with watercolours.

Wrote several collections of poetry of which
seven have been published between 1971 and 1978.

1973-1985: developed the preparatory studies for a graphic whole of 22 Books
Sign-drawings and  Sign-symbols that – according to the number of Signs- was called “1008: “Thousand and one Eight

This ‘whole’ wants to evoke, in connection with the sculptures and the watercolours, a poetical-sacred ‘Space’, relating man with the various levels, fields and forces of (t)his universe, as well for their dramatic character as for their harmonious possibilities.
This ‘Space’ could be called “A ‘House’ of Man”, or a cosmic-spiritual ‘Play to contemplate’, meditative and playful at the same time.

Has given regular personal exhibitions from 1980 on and participated in many group exhibitions.

Has realized smaller and larger sculptural groups.
Has been working on six monumental sculptures
made to order between 1993 and 2003.

Often painted large groups of watercolours such as
“Chords of Unifying and Distincting”,or
“Portraits in Homage to Artists”, or
groups of watercolours in connection to
important sculptures.